The roots of our design is traditional craft “BINGATA”

We carefully adhere to the classic pattern with the heart of stick to being handmade. It’s simple. so I think it’s possible to keep the tradition.“Bingata” is a dyeing technique which is unique to Okinawa, Japan.This fabric has been used for formal clothes traditionally since the Ryukyu Kingdom era.(about 500 years ago)

Our products “BINGATA wallpaper” is the features of “Bingata” are printed on the wallpaper.Ideal for renovating homes, guest rooms, offices,ceilings, pillars, entrances of hospitals, clinics, etc.

We are happy to give you a kind of that gives you a smile.Color your life with designs based on flowers of Okinawa.And, the sea breeze of Okinawa arrives.  

Japanese standard approval.Flameproof / antibacterial. The texture of the campus and no glue.

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